Debunking Socialism

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely feeling the Bern; yet a part of me remains reluctant to endorse any politician after a lifetime of the lesser of two evils. Senator Sanders is pushing all the right buttons and I still believe he’s genuine about the issues we face: excessive student loan debt, a tremendously unequal distribution of wealth and privilege, the urgent need for a transition from dirty energy, and of course jobs. But look no further than Obama’s Hope and Change to see that a charismatic and inspirational campaign has duped Americans before. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to “turn up the heat” on this whole socialism fad. Continue reading

An Optimist’s Take on Wisconsin’s Education Cuts

As a Wisconsinite, I have had the privilege of growing up in one of the very best educational systems the United States has to offer. Now a recent college graduate, I have had the gradual realization that despite the benefits I was afforded, education has some serious troubles. Highly structured, authoritative training can dim the passion and wonder of the brightest students. Technology has never made students more capable yet unwilling to participate in their schooling. Crippling debt awaits those that do make it to college. Scott Walker may have put the nail in the coffin, but education was already dead.

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