GMO’s in Agriculture: A Brief Review

Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) have been around for decades. They are organisms which have a gene ‘spliced’ into or out of their DNA. While their prevalence has increased, the information surrounding them has not been on pace. As it stands, over 85% percent of American grown corn and soy are GM plants (1). Transgenic supplementation of genes to organisms has been useful in number of different pathologies and treatments, but only recently it has been utilized in agricultural systems. Continue reading

Great Lakes Pipeline Dwarfs Keystone XL

As much of the world celebrates the veto of the notorious Keystone XL pipeline, an even larger project is already underway in the Great Lakes region.

Enbridge is North America’s leader in crude oil transportation with nearly 16,000 miles of pipeline in U.S and Canada. Tar sands are a mixture of crude oil, sand, clay, and bitumen. This material is slated to be transported in their latest energy project, an expansion on an existing pipeline running from Lake Superior through the center of Wisconsin. Continue reading