Writer’s Block in a “Dystopia”

The paralyzing reality of the state of the world mixed with a touch of seasonal-affective disorder and impending student loan debt had me feeling bitter and stagnant, if not expressionless. To have writer’s block means to be uncomfortable with your own thoughts, and I was in deep. Whether out of fear of failure or some misplaced worry in karmic consequence, I wrote next to nothing. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all- at least that’s what I had always been told. But what am I to say when I look around and I don’t see anything nice at all? Continue reading

Wisconsin Frac-sand Mining Expansion Faces Opposition

A rural town of less than 500 people finds itself center-stage in the national fracking debate.

Hixton, Wisconsin, is home to a number of frac-sand mines which account for as much as 75% of the sand used in the fracking industry.

Fracking is a process in which sand, water, and chemicals are injected under intense pressure into a well. This high-velocity mixture fractures the shale rock beneath, and natural gas is released as a result. The collection of this natural gas has lead energy companies to invest in this process, and over 500,000 wells are currently open in the U.S alone.  Continue reading