This blog originates in Central Wisconsin, but it wouldn’t truly be “Off the Grid- On the Map” if the things it covered were confined to one area. Rather, the purpose of this site is to localize both national and regional news. Whether it’s renewable energy, climate change issues, industrial agriculture, or even public health, the goal is to provide a nonviolent and realistic perspective on the issues at hand.

The name fits for a lot of different reasons- in the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, questions about energy and how it will affect our relationships with others are some of the first things brought up. Off the Grid On the Map aims to show that living in balance with nature doesn’t mean sacrificing our connection with others, its in fact the opposite.

By being in balance with nature, we begin to see how our actions connect to all living things. It is this ecological and ethical realization that fuels the passion to put “Think Global, Act Local” into practice.

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